About Steel Door Gallery 

Steel Door Gallery is Portland's best gallery for emerging artists.  Located in the Northwest Industrial District of Portland, Oregon. We are a gallery that seeks to promote, market, and develop local emerging and established artists. Our focus is on finding the best in undiscovered artistic talent.



For Collectors 

Steel Door Gallery is Portland Oregon's premier gallery for art collectors of all levels, from first time collectors to those who have already established a large collection, we have something for everyone!


We specialize in showcasing local emerging, established, and visiting artists.

We believe engaging artists in the early stages of their career increases their chance for success.


We require artists who are exhibiting at Steel Door Gallery to maintain a minimum standard of 30 hours of studio time per week. We work with our artists to push their creative boundaries.


If you are interested in visiting one of  Portland's best galleries for art collectors and would like to see the latest collections from Portland's top artists please call for an appointment or stop in during business hours. We also invite you to join us for our exhibition openings. Please visit our contact page and sign up to receive updates about upcoming exhibitions and events!

© 2019 by Steel Door Gallery.

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