Steve Bowersock 

Steve Bowersock rejected a world where a painting of Elvis on velvet was considered priceless art. Bowersock fled his early Ohio steel mill, blue-collar, existence in pursuit of an artist’s life; he grew up painting and drawing but he knew he had to run? So where did he go? To that great art gallery in the sky – The United States Marine Corps. Desert Storm may have taught him discipline, but the opportunity to view the works of the great artists in Europe only fueled his commitment to study and continue to develop his artistic abilities.

After, Bowersock enrolled at McIntosh College in Dover, New Hampshire for business then finished his degree by enrolling into the UNH College for Life Long Learning to study art. His work has evolved from watercolor to his latest works, oil on canvas and fine linen panels, reflecting much of the Spartan appearance depicted in the watercolors. He uses still-lifes in oil to reflect relationships between objects; movement is reflected by his use of the human body as a reference.

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